Selecting gratitude and hope as their guideposts

President Obama’s Nobel lecture might have showed us that the United States has reached a turning point: either the national security monster we’ve created is going to eat us alive by bankrupting the country or we’re going to have to shift course. We must begin to spin off the 700 or so military bases and installations around the world and focus on building a better life for our own people here at home. As it goes today we don’t even have the political will to raise taxes to share the sacrifice of fighting these foreign wars.

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At first glance the scene seemed reminiscent of the street protests that kicked off Syria civil war in 2011, except the same defiant crowds are no longer protesting the Syrian regime. They have now incongruously been transported to the center of a charming European capital. Algandaly, who was only 16 years old when the Syrian uprising broke out in his hometown of Homs four years ago, appeared to put its early methods of nonviolent protest to use.

Officially started in Springfield, Missouri, in 1926, the 2,400 mile long artery was the main access to the Gold Rush locations in California in the 1930s. Also known as the Will Rogers Highway, named after the famous actor of the Roaring Twenties. America likes to recognizes its stars by giving their names to streets, sidewalks, and other asphalt venues..

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In a long and busy life, he found purse replica handbags time to write poetry, novels, short stories and travel books. Morand was made a member of the Academie Francaise in 1963. He was married to the Romanian princess Helene Soutzo, and he died in 1976.. Selecting gratitude and hope as their guideposts, Matt and Luanne’s TEDx talk demonstrates their ability to find common ground in what could easily be a chaotic war of love gone wrong. Yes. This is their path of choice, but it does beg the question, «What’s possible when gratitude and hope are chosen over bitterness and you done replica bags me wrong thoughts?».